Friday, December 16, 2005

Artist's Statement and Bio

Diane Kilgore Condon was born in Wisconsin and raised around the east and midwest, coming to South Carolina to attend college from Florida.  She lives with her husband and daughter in Greenville, SC. She graduated with a BA in Fine Arts from Bob Jones University in 1988, and credits her Grandmother who was also a painter as an early influence in her artistic life.  She is a member and owner of ArtBomb Studios in Greenville, where the journey of turning a large old Company Store into a place to produce works of art has sparked an intense desire to repurpose and redeem materials and to focus in on these topics of redemption and the odd turns of cause and effect on daily life.  The dogs the artists have rescued from the neighborhood where the ArtBomb is located have figured heavily in her work, as have many animals and plants used as symbols in the history of art. Many of these symbols are of course, personal in nature, some are universal, but the distinction between these two can be left to the viewer.